Looking to Adopt?

Adoption Process
  1. Call the shelter to make an appointment. The phone number is 860-464-9621. If we do not answer, please leave a message.
  2. We encourage meet and greets with your other pets and family members. Because many of the pets we take into the shelter have been abandoned or found roaming. we are not aware of their past histories and if they like other dogs, cats, or kids. These meet and greets help you to feel comfortable that the pet will be a good fit for your family.
  3. If you are a renter, you must provide written permission from your landlord that pets are permitted and that there are no breed or size restrictions on the pets that are brought into the home.
  4. A Ledyard Animal Control Adoption Application (PDF) must be filled out prior to adoption.
  5. Please fill out the form and return to Ledyard Animal Control being sure you specify if you are interested in a particular pet. The acceptance of your application does not guarantee an adoption. All pets go to a family that we feel will be the best fit for them. However, we will keep your application and if another like pet comes into our shelter we will still have you on file.
  • Pets that are not spayed will require a $50 adoption fee and will come with a voucher from the Connecticut Animal Population Control Program.
    • The voucher is good for 60 days.
    • The voucher provides a one-time sterilization benefit of $50 for a male cat, $70 for a female cat, $100 for a male dog, and $120 for a female dog plus 2 presurgical vaccinations.
  • Adopters are required to pay for other services as specified by the veterinarian and for any costs the voucher does not cover. Please get this information from the vet you plan to use as the Ledyard Animal Control does not have that information.
  • Pets too young, as in puppies and kittens, or who may have an illness that might prevent the vet from wanting to do the surgery during the 60-day time frame, may be granted a medical extension by the veterinarian. Please note, it is up to you to get this extension. Once the voucher expires Ledyard Animal Control cannot issue you another one.
  • All young animals must be sterilized by 6 months of age
  • All adopters must be Connecticut residents to participate in this program. You may still adopt from us if you do not live in Connecticut, you just can't participate in the Spay/Neuter Program.
  • To find a list of participating vets please go to Participating Vets (PDF) and scroll down to New London County which currently starts on page 7.
Should I Get A Pet?
Pets are surrendered to shelters by their owners for many different reasons. Our goal is to be sure that the home we find for one of our pets will be a forever home so that they will never have to experience being homeless again. Below is a list of reasons that pets are returned or surrendered to shelters. If you can say yes to any of these reasons please think long and hard as to whether this is the right time for you to adopt. And when the time is right for you we look forward to finding you that right pet.

Adoption Questions
  • Do you know if you have any allergies to pets? Sometimes medications or shots alleviate the symptoms but would you be willing to do that to keep your pet?
  • Do you have the extra time that a new pet will need of you? Being left in a crate all day is no life for a pet. They need to go potty, get exercise, and have social time with their owners.
  • Do you have the finances to pay for the pets required yearly medical visits and vaccinations or for any unexpected illnesses or accidents? It can be expensive so check with your vet about pet care costs to see if you can fit that into your budget.
  • If you were to have a baby, how would that affect the pet? There are many issues to work through when it comes to pets and babies or small children. Are you willing to put in that extra effort or would the pet have to go?
  • If your significant other did not like your pet, would you keep it? Not everyone likes pets and not every pet likes all humans. What if it wasn’t a fit? Would the pet lose out?
  • If you had to move would you take your pet with you? Many renters will not accept pets and finding one that will could be time consuming and expensive. Would your pet now be homeless?
  • Is the pet a fit for your home and lifestyle? Think about the size of your home and if you have close neighbors that might be annoyed if your dog barks, if you will be able to take your dog for walks to get its exercise even when it is bad weather, and if you are physically able to handle the pet you are wanting.
  • Pets don't arrive in the world trained and house broken. Are you prepared for accidents on your favorite rug or carpet, your favorite shoes being ripped to shreds, holes dug in your yard, or your kids toys suddenly covered with tooth marks? Bad behavior is correctable but can take time, patience, training, and extra funds. Are you willing?
  • Do you have other animals in the home? The animals you currently have come first so make sure if you bring another pet in the home they are compatible. This is why meet and greets are encouraged. Sometimes animals may never become best buddies, especially when it comes to cats, but they can learn to respect each others space and not be combative. But it takes encouragement on your part, lots of patience, and a watchful eye to make sure they keep the peace.
More Information
Please visit us on Petfinder.com or Facebook for the most updated list of pets available.