Evacuation Instructions for Severe Weather

In most cases, we expect that remaining at home will be sufficient to protect residents from most weather related emergencies. However, incidents involving severe weather such as hurricanes could cause a need to evacuate some neighborhoods. You will be notified via Reverse 911 (telephone), CT Alert, or the Emergency Alerting System of a need to evacuate as well as open shelter locations.

Where To Go
If opened for a weather emergency, the Ledyard High School Gymnasium will normally be utilized as the town's central evacuation point for severe weather problems. However, at times, we will use a regional shelter in Groton or Norwich depending on the weather problem.

Shelter Announcements & Confirmation
The shelter being opened will be announced on local TV and radio stations as well as by use of the Reverse 911 system (telephone). You may also verify the shelter is open by calling the Emergency Operations Center at 860-464-8705. If the high school is inaccessible, the Ledyard Middle School will be utilized.

High School Location
The Ledyard High School is located at the intersection of Gallup Hill Road and Colonel Ledyard Highway.