Mia's Story

Now that I have had a chance to breathe, I wanted to post a bit more about Mia.

Mia was diagnosed with critical DKA (Diabetic ketoacidosis) The prime cause of this is undiagnosed/untreated diabetes. As many of you know, Mia was found wandering the streets of the town, abandoned, emaciated, and days from dying. She was found and picked up by Ledyard Animal-Control, and treated at All Friends Animal Hospital, LLC.

Dr. Gervais at All Friends took Mia home after she found that Mia had a glucose reading of 600+. She worked to adjust her insulin and give her that overnight care that she would not have received at the clinic, or at LAC. After seeing a post on our animal controls FB page about a senior dog with special medical needs looking for a home, something hit me...it hit me hard.
Mia will be missed
I sent a message asking if they needed a foster home. I have many years experience of administering, and adjusting insulin and felt that I could help her on her way to being healthy and help her find a new home. When Mia had 2 seizures in my arms, I decided right then and there (with or without my husband's okay) that we were keeping this special girl. Nobody would know or could care for her like another diabetic.

We connected instantly and she became my buddy. She sat by my side during every insulin injection, as she could smell the distinct smell of the insulin and knew I was going through the same thing that she was going through. She eventually gained weight, and was finally able to gain muscle strength. She finally knew what it was like to run outside and play with her toys. I take comfort in knowing that we learned from each other. Mia learned in her last months what it was like to have a family who loved her, cared for her, and kept her safe and warm. We learned that it is okay to take in a senior dog with medical issues, and to love them just as any other dog. There is no difference in my eyes.

I hope that in the future, I can blog about special medical needs/senior animals. I hope to someday start an educational foundation which would provide me to go forward and educate others on signs, symptoms, and care referrals for diabetic animals. She is leaving a legacy, and a heavy paw print on all of our hearts. Thank you so much to Ledyard CHAIN Inc, All Friends Animal Hospital, Ledyard Animal Control and personal thank yous to Cindy Eilenburger and Kimlyn Marshall. We love each and every one of you for bringing Mia into our lives, and supporting her.