Zoning Permit Fees

Pursuant to Town Ordinance #139, the following Fee Schedule applies with an effective date of July 1, 2015:

  • Zoning Permit Application - $40.00
  • Site Plan Approval or CAM request requiring PZC review - $200.00
  • Application requiring Public Hearing - $500.00
  • Zoning Board of Appeals - Appeal of MO order or decision, Variance Request, $500.00
  • As per C.O.S. Section 22a-27j, an additional $60.00 State fee will be collected for all applications.

Subdivision/Resubdivision Application Fee Schedule

Number of Lots in Subdivision: Fee Per Lot*

  • 1-10 lots $200
  • 11-20 lots $250
  • 21 lots or greater $300

        * Minimum fee if public hearing is required: $800
          A $60 State fee is added to each application fee per Connecticut General Statutes Section 22a-27
         The Planning Commission reserves the right to apply additional project review fees such as professional, legal, 
         engineering, et cetera, in addition to administrative fees. These expenses shall be assessed by the Planning
         Commission and paid by the applicant on an actual and reasonable cost basis after the services are rendered
         to the Commission.

         Engineering Fees for Ledyard Subdivisions

         New road or extension of existing road:

    • Each Structure (e.g., catch basin, manhole cover): $25
    • $5 per linear foot*
    • Detention Basin: $500
    • Cul-de-sac Fee (Permanent or Temporary): $2,500
    • Modification of Approval Fee: $500

     *The linear foot fee shall be calculated by measuring along the distance of the road center line from
                  the point of beginning of the new intersection to the end point of the next intersection or, if a cul-de-sac,
                  to the center of the cul-de-sac bulb.

Reference Materials

  • Zoning Regulations (Booklet) - $22.00
  • Zoning Map - $12.00

For additional information contact the Land Use Department – 860 – 464- 3266