Trade Name Certification

Anyone conducting business in the Town of Ledyard under a name other than his own must file a Certificate of Trade Name with the Town Clerk.  The exceptions are partnerships which include true surnames of at least one partner, limited partnerships already registered with the Secretary of State, and Limited Liability Companies already registered with the Secretary of State.  The cost for recording is $10.00.  Here is the certificate:   Trade Name Certificate

Before presenting the Certificate for recording with the Clerk’s Office, the applicant(s) must meet with the Zoning Office and the Tax Assessor to ensure knowledge of applicable zoning and assessment regulations within the Town of Ledyard.  All those conducting or transacting the business must sign the certificate.  The information from this document is then indexed in the Land records and the Trade Name Certificate becomes part of an alphabetical index of businesses.  A listing of Trade Names Certificates in Ledyard may be accessed from a public search computer in the Town Clerk’s Office.