Death Certificates

For deaths that occur in the Town of Ledyard, completed Death certificates are filed by funeral directors and embalmers with the Registrar of Vitals in the Town Clerk Office. 

Anyone, over the age of eighteen years, may request to purchase a certified copy of a specific death record.  A written request form is completed, and the fee for a certified copy is $20.00.   Here is the link to the Request form:  Death Certificate Request Form

Unless the death certificate is being issued to a surviving spouse or next of kin (or a funeral director within 60 days of disposition), social security numbers will be redacted for all deaths occurring after July 1, 1997.   Proof of relationship to the deceased will be required before a certified copy with social security numbers is issued.

We also issue Burial, Cremation and Disinterment permits.  To obtain these permits after-hours, please contact one of our Sub-Registrars of Vitals: Sub-Registrars of Vitals