July 2011

Readers Digest Scam
On July 12, 2011 the Ledyard Police Department received a report from a Ledyard resident indicating that they were the victim of a possible scam. The resident received a letter via U.S. Mail indicating they had won the "Readers Digest Sweepstakes Award." The letter directed the recipient to contact a telephone number provided in the letter to arrange a method of transfer for their winnings. The letter also contained a check purported to be from a major insurance company, made out to the resident, to cover insurance, legal, and documentation fees, This check was found to be fraudulent.Investigation determined that the telephone numbers provided were not to Readers Digest but originated in Canada.

In scams such as these, individuals attempt to gather personal banking information from victims when they call to arrange a method of transfer. Once that information is gained, money is withdrawn from an individuals bank account.

In this case the alert resident did not fall victim and contacted Police. Please ensure you do not become a victim and never provide banking information over the phone.Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Should you suspect you have been approached with a scam, please contact the Police.