Roadwork Notices

Due to the cumulative delays associated with bad weather, including major damage to Holly Lane and part of Ledgewood Drive, paving has been delayed.  The present schedule is as follows:

Paving drainage prep work for the Christy Hill Subdivision is ongoing and is anticipated to complete by Friday, 9/15.  Road milling is scheduled to commence on Friday, 9/17 or Monday, 9/20.  Both the scope of this year’s work and whether the entire subdivision will be completed this construction season remain uncertain.  This information will be updated as more details are available.

By way of special note for this subdivision, the presence of antiquated SCWA public water system piping has presented recurring leak problems, which has also frequently affected road surface areas.  It is very likely that this situation will continue, which will unfortunately result in repairs that will impact the new pavement on an ongoing basis.

The paving of Sleepy Hollow Pentway is scheduled for Tuesday, September 14th.  Due to the narrow width of the pentway, during paving limited access will be available to properties in and beyond the workzone.  This will not preclude emergency access.