Transfer Station

Transfer Station Location

The Ledyard Transfer Station is located at 889 Colonel Ledyard Highway near the Town Public Works Garage and can be reached at (860) 464-9060, extension #4, during normal hours of operation shown below. 

Transfer Station Hours:

The Transfer Station is open 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
The Transfer Station is closed Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. 

Transfer Station Fees:
Exact Change Only 

No Fee — Residents Only
     Leaves and brush
     Waste Oil and Antifreeze (*See note below)
     Scrap Metal
     Non-Freon bearing appliances
     Car Batteries
     Electronic Equipment (Computers, TVs, etc.):
     Fluorescent light bulbs
     Ni-cad— Cell phone Batteries
     Paint (
     Mattresses/Box Springs
 *In accordance with DEEP regulations and to maintain as pure a waste oil stream as possible for use as heating oil at the Ledyard Highway Garage, waste oil delivered to the Transfer Station must be poured into the collection tank by the Transfer Station attendant. Because the attendant must remain at his post to direct traffic and handle fees at the entrance gate in a way that maintains flow, residents are required to leave waste oil at the disposal location for the attendant to process after the close of business. Therefore, any containers that residents want to retain must be retrieved after such time. Since this is typically an inconvenience, residents are encouraged to transport waste oil to the Transfer Station in disposable containers. If this results in a hardship due to certain circumstances, (e.g., large quantities in large containers), residents should contact the Highway Superintendent at 860-464-9060, extension1, to make special arrangements for disposal.
Fees Collected — Residents Only
         Car $1 (with or without rims)
         Truck $2
         Oversize $25 
     Freon-bearing Appliances - $5 per item
Leaves/Brush Disposal Fees (Commercial)
Small load (pick-up) $5 
     Medium load (small dump)  $15 
     Large load (large dump)        $25 

Bulky Disposal Fees (Residential and Commercial) 
Small load (pick-up) Bulk $35 / Shingles $75
     Medium load (small dump) Bulk $125 / Shingles $300
     Large load (large dump) Bulk $250 / Shingles $600

Note: Commercial loads must be accompanied by a copy of an associated contract or building permit.
     Load sizes are nominally assessed by truck size, as -follows:
         pick-up — 1 cu yd;
         small dump —3 cu yds;
         large dump — 6 cu yds.
     The attendant will judge odd-sized loads for payment according to this scale.
     Safety barriers in front of the bulky waste dumpsters prevent use of dump bodies.
Stumps- Not accepted
Asphalt and Concrete Rubble, Concrete Blocks and Bricks  — Not Accepted