Curbside Collection


Curbside Collection is provided once per week for all households in Ledyard. Household solid waste and recycled materials should be placed at the curb by 6 a.m. of the day of your pick-up.

To find out more about Curbside Collection Service and Cart Here


The following are collected as recyclables, and should be placed curbside, separate from regular household waste. These items should be placed in the blue Willimantic Waste recycling cart (provided by the town).

All materials may be placed in a single container.
  • All plastic bottles and tubs Numbers 1 & 2
  • Clean aluminum foil and plates
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Glass bottles, paper milk & juice cartons
  • Metal & aluminum cans
  • Newspaper, paperback books, office paper, telephone books, junk mail
  • Paper egg cartons, magazines and catalogs
  • Shoe & Cereal boxes
  • Small metal items such as old pots & pans, metal coat hangers, plumbing faucets, etc.
If you’re not sure please call Public Works Director at 860-464-3238.

"Single Stream"

Ledyard uses the “Single Stream” recycling collection method. This means that the material your household places out at the curbside - newspapers, cardboard, bottles, cans etc. - is collected all together. The recyclables will be sorted at the Single Stream Recycling Facility especially designed to process and sort the mixed recyclables. Single Stream recycling makes collecting materials at the curbside much easier. Homeowners and recycling collectors don't do any sorting making recycling even easier.


Recycling saves your tax dollars. For every ton of recyclable materials not sent to the incinerator the town saves at least $63 between reduced tipping fees and recycling revenue. So not only do we save money but also make money.