Detective Division

The Detective Division is responsible for the investigation of serious and in depth criminal activity, as well as the safety and proactive programs within the Ledyard Public Schools and community.
An officer kneels down to inspect details in the wreckage of 2 vehicles
Background Knowledge
The Detective Division has extensive training in the field of forensic science and criminal investigation. This knowledge has been highly useful in the investigation of multiple complex crimes with Ledyard. The expertise of this division has also been used outside the Town of Ledyard to assist other agencies in need of our technical assistance.

School Safety
A Patrol Officer is assigned on a part time basis to work with the Town of Ledyard Schools to promote a safe environment in our schools. It also provides the D.A.R.E. program, plus other positive interactions, to provide a positive police/community interaction.

  • Lieutenant Kenneth Creutz
  • Detective Christopher Cadro
  • OFC Rick McSwain