Bulky Waste

Bulky Waste Pick-Up

Residents are allowed two (2) pick-ups per calendar year. You must call for a pick-up. If you do not call for a bulky waste pick-up, any bulky waste materials placed curbside will not be removed. The telephone number for arranging bulky waste collection is 800-286-5335. Bulky Waste pickups are intended for removal of a nominal amount of trash. A nominal amount is deemed to be that amount that would fit into the back of a small size pick-up truck. If you anticipate exceeding this amount you will need to make arrangements for a dumpster at your expense.

Material must be placed in accordance with the following guidelines and limitations. Improperly placed items will not be removed. Items covered:

  • Household Furniture (including mattresses). Maximum of two (2) pieces per pick-up.
  • Scrap Wood. A neat pile of material not to exceed five (5) feet long, three (3) feet high, and five (5) feet wide. No Sheetrock/dtywall or plaster.
  • White Goods (e.g., appliances). One (1) appliance per pick-up. Freon-bearing items must display a pickup decal available from Town Hall and Libraries, at the cost of $5.00.
  • Miscellaneous Metals. Maximum eight (8) foot length. Unlimited quantity if properly sized. Scrap metal will be picked up on Friday each week.
  • Leaves. Must be in biodegradable bags. Unlimited ' quantity. Bags available commercially or at Town Hall and Transfer Station. Leaves will be collected on Wednesday of each week. You must call for a pickup.

Residents may also utilize the Transfer Station for bulky and special waste disposal. If bulky waste quantities exceed the above limits or when both on-call pick-ups am utilized at a particular address in a calendar year, additional waste must be disposed of at the Transfer Station or through commercial means.